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Robin is the owner of Brushed Artistry! She has been in the beauty industry for 14 years, and has been doing lashes for 4. Robin is trained in classic, and Volume Lash Extensions. She has also taken continuing training with Yessi Lash in Advanced Volume Lashes. To see her work be sure to follow us on IG @brushedartistry. 

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meet the lash artist

Brushed Artistry uses only the best, high-quality lash products on the market. We are proud to partner with Borboletta, Bella Lash, and Lashbox LA. We pride ourselves in keeping your eyes healthy! Each appointment will include a Signature Brushed Artistry Lash Bath. This not only helps to clean your lashes but provide better retention. Your appointment will end with a sealant to help cure the lashes quicker, and hold better retention on your extensions. You will be sent home with a clean lash brush each appointment, please be sure to throw out your old ones! We look forward to keeping your lashes healthy, full, and long! 


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