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body contouring

Brushed Artistry provides a natural looking Spray Tan that looks great at Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach or Clearwater Beach.

look tanned and tone

Body Contouring gives the appearance of a more toned physique.  It accentuates any muscle definition that is present on the body.  This technique also gives you a slimmer looking figure. Body Contouring can be added to any of our tanning services in our Brushed Artistry studio located in Windermere, FL

Fitness competitors love body contouring! It helps to show off their hard work and gives the muscles a little extra pop! Spray tans with body contouring looks great on stage and under stage lights.  Many winning competitors have been sprayed with a Brushed Artistry tan that included this technique.  Increase your chance of winning your next competition and book a body contouring upgrade today!

Brushed Artistry in Orlando FL specializes in providing great looking Spray Tans for Cheerleading Competitios, Fitness Competitios and Dance Competitions


Planning a Trip to Orlando FL and need a Spray Tan? Contact Brushed Artistry

feel confident

Everyone needs a boost of confidence! Looking slimmer and more toned will give you the confidence you need and make you feel great about yourself. Look your best in any photo or at any event with a Brushed Artistry spray tan including Body Contouring. This spray tanning technique will look just as good in person as it does in photos. Our customer Gia rocking her spray tan on her yacht!

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