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A divine mixture of custom blends me to match any skin tone. Formulated with Matrixyl 3000, an anti-aging formula, minimizing the production of wrinkles.  Packed with antioxidant vitamins A C and E. Each vitamin acts as an anti-aging agent, increases collagen production, and health repair skin from sun damage.  This is a DHA and Erythulose blended product, to help extend attend for a slower fading 10, and natural looking results. This truly unique blend is infused with certified organic Aloe Vera and 99.9% kosher plant-derived Glycerin. This formula is made up of all natural and organic ingredients, which are proving to be very beneficial to your skin. Our solution is made of an evenly let normal tan, always achieving a natural result


Shower in as little as two hours with this fast-acting Blend. This mixture can get darker results & also leaves your skin feeling moisturized. This solution is formulated with natural and organic plant-based ingredients to strengthen and soothe the skin. B–12 is commonly used as a skin treatment because of its ability to easily penetrate into deeper skin layers, Bringing added moisture to the skin. This ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory, improving the overall health of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, a Moisturizer and anti-aging ingredient, is blended into this formula for deep moisturizing benefit in skin strengthening. These ingredients help extend a tan, for longer lasting results. This formula is an emulsion blend that leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. Some client status product feels "warmer" on the skin than thinner blends, making this a popular winter spray tan option!


Shower in ONLY one hour! This premium, rapid developing mixture can provide the darkest results. It is also infused with nourishing minerals that will enhance your tan, And achieve longer–lasting results. Enriched with argan oil, an intensely hydrating ingredient, to transforming and nourish a dry skin and helps to diminish the appearance of stretch marks fine lines and wrinkles. This 1-hour tan works faster and lasts longer than any other tanning solution, leaving a dark bronze, Silky smooth finish.The premium glow is proven to protect the skin against environmental damage and other student aging factors


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